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Nama Game : Princess Crown
Bahasa : JPN
Tahun Rilis : [release]
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Princess Crown for the PSP is a port of the Saturn title. Princess Crown tells the story of the young Princess Gradriel. Following her mother’s death, she ascends the throne, but quickly grows fed up with the formalities of palace life. She decides to take flight of the castle and tour her kingdom in order to see what plights afflict her people with her own eyes. This leads to an adventure in which Gradriel meets numerous side kicks, travels through time, and fights an evil that threatens to destroy the world. In addition to a lengthy quest, along with multiple side quests featuring different main characters, Princess Crown was known for its eye-catching 2D visuals and its fighting engine. The fights, while simple, placed Gradriel against screen-filling foes, and were fun to watch, and to play. In addition, Atlus is including a gallery mode featuring sound and illustrations.

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