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Nama Game : Rumble Trucks
Bahasa : English
Tahun Rilis : [release]
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Rumble Trucks is one of those Minis that popped up out of nowhere, from Playerthree, the makers of the side-scrolling shoot ‘em up Apache Overkill. This is also a side-scrolling game, but other than that, it is almost completely different. It’s a racing game of sorts, where you drive a truck over an obstacle course. What’s unusual is that it’s a sidescroller, but it uses 3D (polygonal) graphics and is physics-based. This physics-based driving aspect gives Rumble Trucks a fairly hefty learning curve, as you need to learn how to drive the truck correctly, because the gravity seems more like you are on the Moon or perhaps Mars than Earth. Indeed, as I started to play, I recalled the first part of the first John Carter of Mars novel, where he struggled to learn how to walk on Mars due to its much lower gravity. You’ll find it difficult at first to even get your truck up a hill.

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