Brave Story New Traveler

Brave Story New Traveler

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Nama Game : Brave Story New Traveler
Bahasa : English
Tahun Rilis : [release]
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Deskripsi :

On a day that starts like any other, a young boy’s life is suddenly changed forever. As the main character and his friend Miki pass a leisurely afternoon, Miki suddenly collapses from an unknown illness. The girl shows no sign of waking and this overwhelms the main character with grief and remorse for not being a better friend when he had the opportunity. Suddenly, a strange voice offers him a second chance: “Beyond the door is a chance to change your destiny!” He soon leaves the real world and journeys to the world of Vision, where, as a novice “Traveler,” he will surmount myriad ordeals in hopes of ultimately meeting with the Goddess of Destiny to have a single wish granted. He makes friends both strange and fascinating as he finds himself blossoming into a successful Traveler. His courage and resolve are tested as he and his newfound companions travel the mysterious lands of Vision. The challenges he faces are daunting, but his growing sense of self and responsibility propel him ever forward. Friendships, courage and growth will all prove indispensable as he seeks out his destiny; a life-changing adventure and the discovery of a hero inside an ordinary kid.

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