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Nama Game : Enigmo
Bahasa : Multi
Tahun Rilis : [release]
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Deskripsi :

Beatshapers has been a steady source of Minis since the program started, one about every three months. Their games have generally not been glamorous, but they have always been interesting, something that is different from the usual fare that is popular at the time. Enigmo is even more unusual—it’s a physics-based puzzle game. The premise is simple; you have to fill a glass of water from a dripping faucet. While this is a difficult task for many in the morning before they have had their caffeinated beverage of choice, here the challenge is due to the container being located far away from the faucet, as well as having a number of obstacles in the way. In order to accomplish this task, you are given a number of objects that you place where you wish, changing the course of the water’s flow. Slides, nozzles, bumpers (which make the liquid bounce), sponges, and splitters. These objects can also (and need to) be rotated, as what’s remarkable about this game is that it’s 2.5D, that is, 3D polygonal graphics in a two-dimensional plane.

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