Kentoushi Gladiator Begins

Kentoushi Gladiator Begins

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Nama Game : KentoushiGladiator Begins
Bahasa : JPN
Tahun Rilis : [release]
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Deskripsi :

Marcus of Rome is ailing, the two successors, his son Comondos and his general Caseus are leading their factions to fight against each other for the throne. The strive first split the noble houses apart, and then leads to full scale violence even among the peasants. Within the chaos, a single gladiator poses in the colloseum grounds, ready to change the course of history. Create your character and assign different attributes to him/her. Give the character more muscles and he’ll be more powerful, stronger legs and he’ll be faster etc. Get into some true action, and learn what the word masculinity really means.

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