Nocturnal Boston Nightfall

Nocturnal Boston Nightfall

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Nama Game : Nocturnal
Bahasa : English
Tahun Rilis : [release]
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It’s been a while since Gameshastra has graced us with a Mini. Nocturnal, though, is not a new game but a port of one of their PC titles, Nocturnal: Boston Nightfall from a few years ago. It’s a hidden object game, a staple of casual gaming. Basically, you are presented with a scene and given a list of objects to find hidden within that picture. A handful of these have been ported to the Minis program, including Gameshastra’s own Route 66, which was one of the first Minis to be released. As far as hidden object games (or HOGs) go, Nocturnal is very basic. You have a comic book panel telling the story, then a hidden object scene, then another story panel, followed by another object screen and so forth, until you finish the game. In the PC version, there was apparently a minigame thrown in the mix as well, as a way to replenish the hints, but that is missing here. Route 66 did the same thing, leaving no way to actually get more hints. Here they are automatically replenished after each level, though they don’t carry over from each one to the next.

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