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R Type Command

Download Permainan R Type Command TerbaruNama Game : R Type CommandBahasa : EnglishTahun Rilis : [release]Download 1 : Link Youtube Download 2 : Download Deskripsi : In a desperate war against the mysterious alien race known as the Bydo, humanity sends wave after wave of fighters into Bydo space — none of which are ever heard from again. Mankind’s main hope now resides with a lone commander, sent to lead a small armada on a perilous mission into the heart of the Bydo Empire. Low on fuel and forced to scavenge resources and equipment from his surroundings, the commander must use all [...]

Pilot Acadamy

Download Permainan Pilot Acadamy TerbaruNama Game : Pilot AcadamyBahasa : EnglishTahun Rilis : [release]Download 1 : Link Youtube Download 2 : Download – Mirror Deskripsi : Pilot Academy is an extension of the Japanese flight sim series Pilot Ni Narou, and offers both civilian and military flight simulation, with both single-player missions and challenges and multiplayer aerial combat. Four eras of combat plane are represented – from World War I, through World War II, and The Cold War, to modern-day combat, each with their own challenges. All types and sizes of civilian planes are on offer – from crop sprayers to massive 300-seater [...]

No Gravity The Plague Of Mind

Download Permainan No Gravity The Plague Of Mind TerbaruNama Game : No Gravity The Plague Of MindBahasa : EnglishTahun Rilis : [release]Download 1 : Link Youtube Download 2 : Download Deskripsi : In a distant future, spread across thousands of colonies, the empire is under attack from a mysterious, unknown sickness affecting people’s minds. Fast-paced and full of action, you’ll need true nerve and skill to successfully maneuver your way through a total of 31 hazardous missions. Choose your character and one of six customizable ships – each equipped with an impressive array of weapons from lasers to ion blasters, and you are [...]

MOZOX Space Salvager

Download Permainan MOZOX Space Salvager TerbaruNama Game : MOZOX Space SalvagerBahasa : EnglishTahun Rilis : [release]Download 1 : Link Youtube Download 2 : Download Deskripsi : M.O.Z.O.X. is a shoot’em up designed to offer a variety of camera angles — there’s the Classic flat and horizontal camera, and another camera orientation called the call Action that gives a 3D viewpoint of the action. This Action camera gives a 3/4 view and rotates the camera like a vertical shooter but presents the player with visual depth. Tags: Game MOZOX Space Salvager, Permainan MOZOX Space Salvager, Download MOZOX Space Salvager, Download game MOZOX Space [...]

Mini Squadron V2

Download Permainan Mini Squadron V2 TerbaruNama Game : Mini Squadron V2Bahasa : EnglishTahun Rilis : [release]Download 1 : Link Youtube Download 2 : Ver EURVer USA Deskripsi : MiniSquadron is a frantic shooter involving lots of little planes all vying for supremacy of the skies! Perform loop-the-loops, Immelmann turns and other daring feats of aerial shenanigans with a super fluid control system — experience the joy of freedom in the air! Conquer all eight worlds, use huge lasers and homing missiles, and unlock over 50 airplanes, including jet-fighters, alien ships, giant octopus and a flying panda! Tags: Game Mini Squadron V2, Permainan Mini [...]

Mach Modified Air Combat Heroes

Download Permainan Mach Modified Air Combat Heroes TerbaruNama Game : Mach Modified Air Combat HeroesBahasa : EnglishTahun Rilis : [release]Download 1 : Link Youtube Download 2 : Download Deskripsi : Welcome to the world of M.A.C.H. Modified Air Combat Heroes rise through the ranks by defeating rivals and unlocking customized parts and planes — 180 over-the-top configurations possible across 11 planes — for enhanced speed and weaponry. Gamers will take to the skies for intense aerial racing action and deadly air-to-air combat throughout a variety of environments and can choose from multiple gameplay modes. Tags: Game Mach Modified Air Combat Heroes, Permainan Mach Modified [...]

Koukyou Shihen Eureka Seven

Download Permainan Koukyou Shihen Eureka Seven TerbaruNama Game : Koukyou Shihen Eureka SevenBahasa : JPNTahun Rilis : [release]Download 1 : Link Youtube Download 2 : Download – Mirror – Mirror Deskripsi : The original TV series comes to life on the PlayStation 2 with Eureka Seven Vol 1: The New Wave. Players assume the role of Sumner Sturgeon, a government agent looking to unravel a deep conspiracy, in this prequel to the animation that unfolds the events leading up to the Eureka Seven anime series. The game features intense mecha combat and mind-boggling board riding action. Tags: Game Koukyou Shihen Eureka Seven, Permainan Koukyou [...]

Iron Man 2

Download Permainan Iron Man 2 TerbaruNama Game : Iron Man 2Bahasa : MultiTahun Rilis : [release]Download 1 : USA: Direct EUR: Direct – Mega Download 2 : Deskripsi : Based on the sequel to the blockbuster movie, Iron Man 2 features a refined game engine to give players an entirely new and enhanced gameplay experience. The game allows players to truly feel the power of Iron Man with new destructible environments, epic enemies, and innovative hand-to-hand combat moves. This brand-new tale takes gamers deeper into the world of Iron Man, adding to the excitement of the Marvel Studios film. Iron Man 2 [...]

IL 2 Sturmovik Birds Of Prey

Download Permainan IL 2 Sturmovik Birds Of Prey TerbaruNama Game : IL 2 SturmovikBirds Of PreyBahasa : EnglishTahun Rilis : [release]Download 1 : Link Youtube Download 2 : Download Deskripsi : IL-2: Sturmovik: Birds of Prey brings the hit flight game IL2-Sturmovik to Nintendo DS owners for the first time. The game includes large-scale aerial combat and ground based military operations from World War II. Players will participate in some of the war’s most famous battles piloting fighters, battle planes and heavy bombers across a range of thrilling missions. Tags: Game IL 2 Sturmovik Birds Of Prey, Permainan IL 2 Sturmovik Birds Of [...]


Download Permainan Heatseeker TerbaruNama Game : HeatseekerBahasa : EnglishTahun Rilis : [release]Download 1 : Link Youtube Download 2 : Download Deskripsi : Strap yourself in and take to the skies in the most explosive, aerial combat, jet fighter game. Be ready for anything as missions spiral out of control and critical decisions must be made. Take down enemy fighters, strike ground targets and obliterate naval forces. Tags: Game Heatseeker, Permainan Heatseeker, Download Heatseeker, Download game Heatseeker, Download Permainan Heatseeker

Gundam Memories Tatakai No Kioku

Download Permainan Gundam Memories Tatakai No Kioku TerbaruNama Game : Gundam MemoriesTatakai No KiokuBahasa : JPNTahun Rilis : [release]Download 1 : Link Youtube Download 2 : Download – Mirror Deskripsi : Gundam battles will not remain a memory, choose your mobile suits and enter the war front. The game is split into 2 main modes, the Situation Mode contains scenes and plots in the anime series, including chapters from the newest Gundam 00 and UC. The Mission Mode, on the other hand, contains original battles that poses a challenge to even the veteran pilots. Choose three mecha from your stable to form a [...]


Download Permainan Eragon TerbaruNama Game : EragonBahasa : MultiTahun Rilis : [release]Download 1 : Link Youtube Download 2 : Download – Mega Deskripsi : Based on the best-selling novel and feature film, this epic fantasy-adventure centers on a young farm boy named Eragon whose destiny is revealed with the help of a dragon. Offering a completely different gaming experience from the console game, Eragon and Saphira take flight in this aerial combat game, featuring four person multiplayer in seven different arenas with 12 unlockable arena game types for PSP gamers. An extensive single player story mode allows gamers to experience the epic Eragon [...]